Veteran News | 04 August 2023

Talavera gathering to remember the past and look to the future

The Royal Anglian Regiment gathered in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre Northampton on Saturday 29 July as part of its Talavera Day celebrations, to hold its annual remembrance service and witness the re-dedication of two memorial windows to its local predecessor, the Northamptonshire Regiment.

The re-dedication was made by Bishop Andrew Proud Assistant Bishop in the Diocese of Peterborough, and the service led by The Reverend Tom Wilde, Chaplain to 2 Royal Anglian. The Band of The Royal Anglian Regiment played throughout and there was tea & cake for all afterwards.

The link with Rutland is the 58th Foot, the old Rutlandshire Regiment, which amalgamated with the 48th or Northamptonshires to form the 2nd Battalion of the new Northamptonshire Regiment in 1881. In 1964 the Northamptons joined with the Royal Lincolnshire Regiment to become the 2nd Battalion, The Royal Anglian Regiment.

The presence of so many young Cadets added to the poignancy of the occasion. CCF and ACF Cadets provided the Guard of Honour and laid two wreaths during the service. Afterward, they were all addressed by Brigadier Lyne in his role as Colonel Cadets for the Royal Anglian Regiment. He said “It was brilliant to see so many Cadets on parade and taking such an important part in today’s events. There is no doubt there is great mutual benefit in the different generations of the Army family coming together, and our Regimental family is rightly proud of the Cadets who wear our cap badge. An event like this represents a fusion of past, present and future. It is inspirational to see young people so enthusiastic about participating with the modern Army and contributing to its future while still engaging with the history of their forebears.”

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