1st Battalion, Operations | 23 July 2021

B (Leicestershire) Company – UN Medals for Operation NEWCOMBE

A quiet parade square in front of the Officers’ Mess, Kendrew Barracks, was the setting for the B (Leicestershire) Company Group Medals parade on return from Op NEWCOMBE 1, Mali. The Company
was presented to Major Frank Atkins by B Company Second-In-Command, Captain Alex Langley.

The soldiers were presented their medals in a dignified manner befitting the quietly competent style that B Company has always adopted. The lack of family and friends due to COVID-19 did not dampen any of the soldier’s spirits, on what was a long-awaited day.

All those in B Company held themselves in high regard and radiated pride whilst on the square. Having been presented their medals and marched off, B Company was met by Captain Roy Cousin who presented each soldier with a bespoke bottle of Poachers Ale, featuring a small homage to the tour. A small gift that carried a great weight for all those who received a bottle.

This medals parade was the culmination of a demanding and exciting eighteen months. It served as a thank you to the soldiers, recognising their hard work and determination across the preparation and subsequent deployment on tour.

The parade also marked the end of an era for B Company, many of its soldiers had been together working in the same teams for a number of years leading up to Op NEWCOMBE, many of these soldiers will now be moving onto new and exciting jobs across the Army.

A number taking up instructor roles to share their wealth of knowledge and experience to create a better trained and more adaptable army. B Company are now enjoying a long period of well-earned leave before returning to work in September to tackle the next set of challenges that the Army may have in store.


B Company Royal Anglian Regiment- UN Medals for Operation NEWCOMBE.
B Company Royal Anglian Regiment- UN Medals for Operation NEWCOMBE.

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