News | 28 March 2024

New Medal – Wider Service Medal

The Wider Service medal recognises the contribution of service personnel fulfilling crucial operational roles

A new operational medal recognising the service of personnel delivering crucial operational impact, but where the physical risk to life is lower than traditionally required for the award of an operational medal, has been announced by the Defence Secretary today.

The Wider Service Medal (WSM) medal, which has been approved by HM The King, recognises Armed Forces personnel and civilians working outside the traditional criteria of existing operational medals.

The move has been made to recognise the ever-changing nature of warfare and ensure that those fulfilling crucial roles can receive medallic recognition.

Personnel eligible for the medal are likely to include those deployed on a wide range of missions such as international coalitions and deterrence.

These operations include Royal Navy personnel serving on the UK’s continuous at sea Nuclear Deterrent, as well as maritime activity in the Middle East; Army personnel deployed as part of the UK’s reassurance to the people of Estonia; and RAF pilots and supporting ground crew deployed to Estonia and Romania as part of the UK’s commitment to the NATO air policing patrol.

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