News, 3rd Battalion | 08 March 2024

Exercise SOBRAON BREECH – 3rd Battalion

Exercise SOBRAON BREECH was a two-day Platoon level Exercise. This included personnel from both 4 (Lincolnshire) and 2 (Leicestershire) Company from the 3rd Battalion, Royal Anglian Regiment. The Exercise took place at the Urban Village training centre in Fingringhoe, Essex.

The exercise provided a focus on Platoon level OBUA operations with a key emphasis on Platoon level leadership and individual Section grouping skillset in the complex environment.

Exercise SOBRAON BREECH 3rd Battalion Royal Anglian Regiment

Exercise SOBRAON BREECH focused on:

  • Life in the Field
  • Apply Camouflage and Concealment
  • Engage the Enemy
  • Urban Basics
  • Use Lightweight Compass
  • Apply Battlefield Casualty Drills
  • Communicate using Voice Procedure
  • Demonstrate Situational Awareness

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