2nd Battalion, Exercises | 25 March 2023

Exercise KHANJAR Oman for the 2nd Battalion

Exercise KHANJAR Oman is overseen by 4 Light Brigade Combat Team (LBCT) and offered the 2 R ANGLIAN BG the opportunity to demonstrate their capacity within a secondary formation.

They were supported by A ‘Norfolk’ Company of 1 R ANGLIAN, as a Light Role Company, and also the Coastal Security Force of the Royal Army of Oman. The Omani’s chose the callsign Asad or lion in Arabic and they did just that, partnered by the Recce Pl, they provided the key ISTAR component for the Battlegroup. Our OPFOR was provided by A Sqn, SCOTS DG.

The exercise saw a progression through a number of mission sets including tasks such as advance to Contact, Deliberate Attacks, and Obstacle Crossings.

The exercise went very well, impressing 4LBCT and 7LMBCT LOs alike. This small part of a larger deployment sees our footprint established on Ras Madrakah training area.

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