1st Battalion | 22 March 2023

Exercise Desert Warrior: Enhancing Close Combat Skills in Kuwait – 1st Battalion

The 1st Battalion The Royal Anglian Regiment recently spent four weeks with their Kuwaiti allies, finessing their mounted and dismounted operating capability which culminated in a joint demonstration prior to Kuwait’s Liberation Day.

The bilateral exercise involved the development of the Kuwaiti Land Forces (KLF) Reconnaissance Battalions by integrating troops from the QDG’s B Squadron and elements from D Company, 1 Royal Anglian.

A combined assault on enemy targets was played out in front of the British Ambassador to Kuwait, as well as high-ranking officers from the Kuwaiti Army during a Distinguished Visitors Day (DVD).

Exercise Desert Warrior: enhancing close combat skills in Kuwait - 1st Battalion Royal Anglian Regiment

A progressive package of training took place over four weeks.

The aim was to build up mounted and dismounted close-combat skills and enhance the Kuwaiti Land Forces operational effectiveness in understanding reconnaissance techniques at company level while bringing in combat estimate and planning procedures, information collection and battle-space management.

A follow-on multi-domain joint demonstration also featured US Army assets, including Apache Attack helicopters, Black Hawks, Abrams tanks and HIMARS Multi-Launch Rocket Systems.

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