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Coast to Coast 24 – With Cadets

Between the 8th and the 12th April, cadets from both Bedford Modern School and Bedford Greenacre Independent took part in the prestigious Coast to Coast bike ride, covering a distance of 226.6 km, between Workington & Tynermouth, across the North Pennines.

The conditions for the first three days were extreme, with cadets enduring heavy rain, high winds and cold temperatures, however, the cadets displayed good resilience as they forged ahead, completing each day without complaint, even after pitching tents by torchlight in waterlogged fields.

Reaching the 1,900 foot summit of Mount Hartside, mid-week, was a real milestone event and with weather conditions at their worst, cadets were able to celebrate with a 10 minute break and warm drink whilst sat in the school minibus.

However, by Thursday, the weather had relented, and after another long day in the saddles, tents were pitched in good order, before exhausted cadets and adults managed to catch some much needed sleep.

The final day presented itself in a more favourable light, with weather conditions easing and terrain levelling out, enabling the cadets to make their way, at pace, towards the finish line, victory, and more importantly, bacon butties.

We are all immensely proud of the cadet’s achievements, with NO exception. ALL involved showed a huge amount of grit and determination throughout.

The mental and physical endurance of the cadets was commendable, with over 13,560 ft climbed, which is nearly half the height of Everest, all through some of the toughest weather conditions mother nature could muster.

All cadets are looking forward to the next adventure…

Coast to Coast with Cadets
Coast to Coast with Cadets

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