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Colour Sergeant Jones – 3rd Clasp on VRSM medal – 3rd Battalion

To be awarded the Volunteer Reserve Service Medal in the very first place to then start being awarded Clasps, Army Reserve personnel must have first have completed 10 years of continuous service with nine Certificates of Efficiency Certificates earned within that same 10 years. Clasps are then awarded every additional 5 years of continual service after the VRSM has been awarded and with the Certificate of Efficiencies to support this.

This 3rd Clasp is awarded tonight to an Army Reserve soldier who enlisted into the Battalion and Company in Nov 1998 of note he had already served as a Regular with the 2nd Royal Tank Regiment for 3 years from 1994-1998. Also, of note this was also a period of time when the battalion was transitioning from 6 R ANGLIAN to the East England Regiment to become what we know it today as 3 R ANGLIAN 2003.

Since joining the Army and the Battalion this soldier has served on operations in Northern Ireland, Afghanistan and on exercise all over the world. His specialty has been with Mortars for most of his career moving across to take over as the CQMS, a post he holds today.

He has also received four other medals in recognition of his service as a member of the Armed Forces to the Queen and now the King, our Commander in Chiefs.

This soldier was Awarded his VRSM in Nov 2006:

  • 1st Clasp Nov 2011
  • 2nd Clasp Nov 2016

Colour Sergeant Jones is awarded his 3rd Clasp to his VRSM after 30 years’ service and in recognition of his Selfless Commitment to the Army Reserve and the nation.

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