News, 3rd Battalion | 24 June 2024

3rd Battalion Pre-deployment weekend 7 – 9 Jun 24

The first of two planned 3rd Battalion, Royal Anglian Regiment pre-deployment weekends involving all ranks from across the Battalion.

The focus was both training and administration to prepare the Battalion for deploying overseas on both a BATUK FP task and Exercise NORTHERN STRIKE.

Beckingham Camp was used as a hub for administration, allowing training to be conducted on the training area and ranges and medical force preparation at RAF Cranwell.

3rd Battalion Royal Anglian Regiment

Key activities included:

  • G1 Document Assurance Checks.
  • Medical Appointments for Audio and Vaccinations.
  • Introduction to theatre briefs for BATUK and EX NS.
  • Force health protection briefs.
  • Rifle ACMT and GPMG ACMT.
  • Role Fitness Tests and Soldier Conditioning Reviews.
  • ITR: Battlefield Casualty Drills and Basic Life Support tests.
  • Navigation lessons and map prep for Camp Grayling.
  • HLS Marking Lesson.

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