Soldiers Who Have Served

Name: Cyril Joseph Ballard

Rank: Corporal

Regimental Number: 24227370

Date of death: 11/05/1972 

Background: Cyril ‘Chick’ Ballard got his nickname from working on a duck farm. Deciding to leave this job, he joined the Army, along with his brother John and some of their friends. He was 19 when he finished his training and married his wife, Chris. His son, Jason John, who later joined the Royal Navy, was born in 1973.

Army Career: Chick’s first posting was Paderborn, Germany, followed by Catterick, and then Cyprus, where he worked in the Officers Mess.

When he returned from Cyprus he moved to Bassingbourn to train new recruits, and joined the travelling recruitment team.

It was while working with the recruitment team that he was diagnosed with the illness from which he never recovered.

Chick’s brother John was also in the Regiment, and was killed while on duty with the Regiment in Northern Ireland in 1972.

Cyril died of cancer while serving with the Regiment in the UK.

Date of death: 18/12/1979