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Suffolk Regiment is to be featured in a film – The Bloodiest Square Mile

The Bloodiest Square Mile

A new documentary film is to tell the “poignant” story of one regiment that faced major battles during World War Two.

The Suffolk Regiment is to be featured in the new film called The Bloodiest Square Mile.

It details the regiment’s battles in Normandy and is due to be released on the 80th D-Day anniversary on 6 June.

Producer and presenter Angus Robertson said the idea came about thanks to his father.

“He was a captain in the Army in charge during D-Day with the Norfolk Regiment, who were on the same beach as the Suffolks at Sword Beach,” Mr Robertson explained.

“He led a landing craft of soldiers up the beach at 09:00 BST.”

Mr Robertson said he was about seven or eight when he asked his father to tell him his war stories.

Decades later, in 2016, he turned his father’s story into a film that “turned out quite well” and now sits as an archive piece in the Imperial War Museum.

Mr Robertson then got the idea to tell the story of the Suffolk Regiment.

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