News, Veteran News | 12 June 2024

The Royal Anglian Digital Muster is Now Live!

Our 60th anniversary places the Regimental family at an important crossroads. At the moment, our history, the roots of our traditions, and our heritage are all within our collective living memory. We now have a unique opportunity to capture those memories, record them, and preserve them for future generations. The Digital Muster is set up as a place for individual stories and personal memories – The idea being to tell the human story of soldiering in the Royal Anglian Regiment from 1964 to the present day.

The newly created Royal Anglian Digital Muster will eventually list every Royal Anglian who has served with the Regiment since our formation 60 years ago on 1 September 1964. To date no single list of those that have worn our cap badge has been produced. The Digital Muster is being compiled from information in official sources, publications and, most importantly, that has been provided by the men and women themselves, their former colleagues and families.

We are at a very early stage, the Muster is therefore by no means complete. That said, membership has already passed through the 500 mark and is climbing steadily. Membership of the Muster is open to anybody who has served in the East Anglian Regiment and/or The Royal Anglian Regiment. We are particularly keen to capture your photographs, the stories of your days in the regiment your memories of life as a Royal Anglian. Families of those that have passed away may also apply to add their relative’s profile to the Muster.

We do ask that those who have already registered but not uploaded any pictures or added their memories, return to the site and start to build their profile.

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