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The Regiment is the Association and the Association is the RegimentThe Regimental Association is about people.  In The Royal Anglian Regiment, we think of it as an all-encompassing organisation: The Regiment is the Association and the Association is the Regiment.  The aim of the Association is to promote the military efficiency of The Royal Anglian Regiment by:


-  Maintaining the history, traditions, e'sprit de corps' and comradeship of all present and past members of The Regiment and Former Regiments.


-  Referring for consideration by the Executive Committee of Regimental Benevolent Charity, in times of need, those past and present members of The Regiment, the Former Regiments or the Dependants, widows or orphans of those who are serving or who have served.

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The following are qualified to be members of the Association:


- All who have served or are serving in The Regiment (both Regular and Reserve).

- Those who have served in Former Regiments.

- Widows and dependants of past members of The Regiment and of the Former Regiments, are eligible for membership as 'Honorary Members'.

- The Executive Committee is empowered to invite other suitable persons to become 'Honorary Members'.

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