Warminster Veterans Gathering December 2022

Since its formation in 1964, the Regiment has continually left people behind outside the recruiting areas as they resettle and the town of Warminster is no exception. The recent discovery of a small sleeper cell of Poachers in the Garrison town necessitated a tactical recce over a coffee or beer.

Supported as usual by RHQ, an intrepid gang of Pompadours and a lone Viking (he soon sought a Purple superman cape for his personal protection) from the area set up a firebase and it wasn’t long before the banter battlelines were drawn by a strong Poacher fire team. Savage exchanges, war stories exchanged and coffee drunk it was soon time to set out on the deadly mission that many a brave Royal Anglian has always feared…Christmas shopping!!

All expressed their interest in attending the next gathering in Jan 23 in Andover and of course the Big Breakfast 2023 on 25th Feb in Salisbury.

Special thanks must go to Sandra Williams for adding glamour to the group and Mick Baxter (who managed to avoid another photo) for organising it.

Once again I implore you doers out there to write some QBOs down and pass them by WO2 Richard ‘Mole’ Stevens  Richard.Stevens781@mod.gov.uk  for a helping hand and get an event on.

See more about how we suppport all our veterans

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