Royal Tigers' Day 25 June (1825)

The regimental day of the Royal Leicestershire Regiment was, unusually, not connected with a battle but with the grant of an honorary distinction on 25 June 1825 when His Majesty King George IV was pleased to approve the 17th (Leicestershire) Regiment of Foot ‘bearing on its Colours and appointments the figure of the ‘Royal Tiger’, with the word ‘Hindoostan’ superscribed, as a lasting testimony of the exemplary conduct of the corps during the period of its service in India, from the year 1804 to 1823.

This long period had involved a great deal of active service as British rule in India was consolidated and various lawless factions brought under control, and the Regiment had been given much praise for its efficiency and discipline.

The grant of this distinction is commemorated today by its presence on the Regimental Colour and on the buttons worn by all ranks of the Regiment in formal dress.

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