Royal Anglian Film Maker Returns to Help Fellow Veterans

As part of the Regiment’s ongoing Mental Wellbeing and Mental Health Awareness programme, RHQ wanted to produce a film signposting veterans to agencies that will help those in the regimental family and veteran community struggling with mental health issues.

One key aspect of this activity is communications – getting the message out to those who feel isolated. Having seen Steve (Spud) Armon’s recent film on the subject we approached Steve and commissioned him to make a film aimed directly at the Royal Anglian family.

We also asked Steve to tell us a little about how he felt about making a film specifically for the Royal Anglian Regiment, Steve kindly agreed to share his thoughts:

As a former Royal Anglian Soldier who is now a Photographer and Film maker I recently made a film called ‘Combat – a retrospective’. This was a passionate project, and a way for me to get some more documentary style work into my portfolio. I was clearly very humbled when RHQ, Royal Anglian approached me and asked me to make a film in a similar style and tone which was aimed specifically at our Veteran community.  Especially as it touched on the issues of mental health surrounding them.

As a former RSM of the 1st Battalion, I know just how relevant the issue of mental health and wellbeing is. Fuelled by the recent loss of a friend who was a serving Soldier within the Battalion to suicide, I snapped up this opportunity. It was a great chance to do something meaningful, and also to help in the best way I could with my skill set.

I had a month to produce it, this involved the writing of the script, Collating footage and crafting it in a way that made sense. Ensuring that it would be heard by those that needed to hear it the most. I was very keen to ensure that all 3 of the current battalions where represented. I felt it was very important not to forget the work of the old 3rd Bn (The Pompadours), and I really enjoyed going through footage of them pounding the streets of Northern Ireland. We are all very happy with the film, and hope that it will be helpful to those that struggle with their mental health as a result of their operational service. Since leaving the Army in 2019 I have been really taken back by those who continue to try and make a difference, and do whatever they can to help the wider Royal Anglian Regiment family.

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