Soldiers Who Have Served

Name: Robert Stephen Hayes

Rank: Private

Regimental number: 30062524

Background: Robert Hayes was born in Cambridge, on 9 May 1990, and grew up in Burwell. From a young age he always wanted to be a soldier.00000He had a close friendship with his Step-Dad, Jimmy, who passed onto him a brilliant sense of humour. From the age of 11 he attended Bottisham Village College where he developed a love for rugby and playing the guitar, and where he met his best friend Tom Sharp. At the age of 12 Rob joined Newmarket Rugby Club where he excelled in the sport and was awarded player of the year in 2006. Burwell Primary School and Newmarket Rugby Club both have Robert Hayes trophies that are now awarded for excellence in sporting ability.

At school Rob was always very popular with a diverse group of friends. He was well known for always being the life and soul of the party and standing up for the under-dog. It was during the summer of 2008 that Rob and his girlfriend Jemma began to spend more time with each other and soon fell in love.

In October 2009 Rob and Jemma came to Duxford for an Airshow, but they ended up missing most of the flying because Rob was so excited about the Royal Anglian Museum and instead spent the day teaching Jemma about the history of the Royal Anglian Regiment. Now his history can become a part of the museum too.

Army career: Rob left school in 2006 and at the age of 16 joined the army. But after a few short months Rob decided to leave. He wrote to his Commanding Officer explaining that he did not believe he was mature enough to fulfil the role of a soldier, and returned home contemplating a job working with children with learning disabilities.

After a string of kitchen jobs Rob decided that his future ambitions were still to become a soldier. Feeling more prepared for the Army at the age of 18 Rob returned to basic training in Catterick where he was given the nickname ‘110% Hayes’. Corporal Robinson said, ‘If every soldier was like Private Hayes, I would be out of a job.

He passed out of Catterick as part of King’s 6 Platoon in March 2009 and joined the 1st Battalion the Royal Anglian Regiment as a rifleman in C Company. He was proud to be part of the Viking family, adopting his new nickname of ‘Head’.

Rob began Boxing in the Army where he quickly became Battalion Welter-weight Champion. He was given the choice to stay in the UK and carry on boxing for the Army, however, he turned down this opportunity and went to Afghanistan, saying that he joined the army to become a soldier and fight alongside his friends and comrades.

Date of death: 03/01/2010

Circumstances: Robert was killed in action, on duty with the Regiment in Afghanistan.

Resting place: Beetley Church, Old Beetley, Norfolk.

Private Robert Stephen Hayes Royal Anglian Regiment
Private Robert Stephen Hayes Royal Anglian Regiment