Vikings Support to Exercise WESSEX STORM

Soldiers of the 1st Battalion deployed in support of the 2nd
Battalion on Exercise WESSEX STORM last month.

The Exercise which took place on Salisbury Plain saw soldiers from all three Battalions deployed at the same time.

A (Norfolk) Company were the first to deploy, providing Real Life  support and an Enemy force to the 2nd Battalion whilst they
trained prior to deploying on their Final Training Exercise.
C (Essex) Company were attached to the Poachers Battlegroup and provided a Light Role Rifle company to compliment the Poachers’ two
Light Mechanised Rifle companies.

D (Cambridgeshire) Company were attached to the 3rd Battalion (The Steelbacks) as the Support Weapons element of the Enemy Battle Group, dubbed ‘Task Force Hannibal’. The Reconnaissance and
Sniper Platoon (elements photographed below) provided an insurgent force throughout much of the exercise.

The added complexity of an insurgent force operating amongst a civilian population was essential to providing challenging and realistic training to the 2nd Bn to prepare them for their upcoming Operational deployments.