The Royal Anglian Regiment 21st Century Soldier Project Gets Underway

One of the regiment’s latest heritage initiatives has been launched in Suffolk this week. The delivery of a mannequin dressed and equipped as a current Royal Anglian Infantry Soldier to the Suffolk Regiment Museum is the first stage of our Royal Anglian Regiment – 21st Century Soldier Project. The project sets out to extend the narrative timeline of each of our forbear regimental museums, linking each to the Royal Anglian Regiment today.

Over the next 18 months, each of the museums will receive a fully equipped Royal Anglian Soldier mannequin, dressed as a member of the county’s affiliated Royal Anglian Company. The Suffolk Regiment Museum have taken their B (Suffolk) Company mannequin on strength this week. The B Suffolk Company soldier will occupy a prime position within the museum’s ‘Conflict’ exhibition running from 28 Jan to 23 Apr 23. After the exhibition, the mannequin will be moved into the Suffolk Regiment Gallery within Moyes Hall.

Each of the new C21 mannequins will be supported by information panels and Audio Visual screens linking our forbear regiment timeline to today’s Royal Anglian Regiment, and in turn to the respective county affiliated Company. Over the next few months RHQ intends to deliver C21 Mannequins to the Essex Regiment Museum in Chelmsford, the Northamptonshire Regiment Museum in Northampton and a mobile exhibition will be sited at Land Guard Fort in Felixstowe.


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