The Regimental Day – 57th Anniversary Formation of The Royal Anglian Regiment

Since our formation on 1 September 1964, The Royal Anglian Regiment can be judged a success. Consistently, over more than five decades, it has delivered, well manned, fully trained and well-motivated Regular and Army Reserve Battalions to the British Army’s order of battle.

It has provided commanders in a wide variety of theatres with reliable, professional and focused support. Its units have achieved operational success in a variety of environments and scenarios. It has become recognised as the local infantry regiment in the ten English counties from which it recruits, and it has earned the support of the communities in those counties.

We can be equally proud of our reputation as a very human regiment, that is open to all. Appropriately, our ethos was encapsulated by a mixed group of soldiers and officers in 2003:

We are a county based Regiment, bound together by a closely-knit family spirit.

Our approach is classless, based on mutual respect and trust, where developing and believing in our soldiers is paramount.

We are a forward looking, self-starting, and welcoming team for whom the mission remains key.

As a regiment we remain justifiably proud of our heritage, today on the anniversary of our formation we can take time to reflect. Our roots go far deeper than the past 57 years, we follow in the glorious footsteps of the soldiers and officers recruited from our counties over more than 33 decades. The formation of the regiment is celebrated at Duxford on our Regimental Day, traditionally held on the first Sunday in September. All members of the Royal Anglian Regiment, both past and present are invited to attend.

Details of this year’s event on Sunday 5 September are available on the link below.

Regimental Day - Sunday 5th September