The Regiment Welcomes Three New Officers

The Royal Anglian Regiment warmly welcomes 2nd Lieutenants Bamford, Bembridge and Boffey-Rawlings into the Regimental family following their commissioning on 3 April 20 under a radically different parade than the usual Sovereigns Parade due to Coronavirus restrictions and no representative of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, being present. The parade was conducted in MTP rather than the usual “blues” and close drill was replaced with the

The Officer Cadets stood two metres apart to abide with social distancing policy. Luckily they had managed to complete Exercise DYNAMIC VICTORY to the usual high standards and flew the Royal Anglian flag after another famous victory in Germany.

Not long after the parade these young officers would see themselves supporting COVID19 support activity as elements of the Regiment were deployed on various tasks around the UK.

Do you know anyone who might be interested in joining us an Officer or a Soldier? Send them our way we would be happy to talk with them and discuss their options.