The Regiment bids a fond Farewell to Major Bob Grenfell After Half a Century of Fine Service

As a Regiment we are fortunate to have many fine soldiers and veterans who give long and distinguished service. As a closely knit family we particularly value quiet professionalism, getting the job done well and looking after our soldiers, and our families. Just occasionally in a generation, there is one who stands out, and for the many of us who have served with him, for some part of his fifty one and a half years of fine service to our Regiment, this is Bob Grenfell.

From taking the Queen’s shilling in December 1969 to join as a Junior Soldier, until completing his handover as Assistant Regt Sec in September 2021, Bob has been serving his Regiment.

There are very few who have served the Regiment as selflessly, as well, and for as long as Bob Grenfell. He enjoyed the classic infantry soldier’s career to RSM. Many were surprised at Bob’s speed and agility as a soldier and as an all-round sportsman, and he really excelled as good infanteers should, at orienteering. But Bob was pretty good at everything.

He was ready to be RSM young enough to be lent to 1 QUEENS as their RSM before coming back to his beloved Battalion as RSM. In Bob’s words, he was “not sure how it happened” but nobody else was surprised that he was commissioned and stormed on to be the QM of the 1st and then the 3rd Battalions. Having completed 45 years in uniform by his 60th birthday, Bob joined RHQ. Some would have thought that leading the Regiment’s financial and benevolence efforts should have been enough but typically, Bob took on many more projects including the Regimental Day and looking after our In-Pensioners at Chelsea. Bob has been a peerless friend, confidant, and quiet, wise advisor to many in the Regimental Family, and we will miss him greatly.

We wish Bob and Barbara and their family a long and happy retirement.