The Queen’s Medal: Junior Under Officer Oliver Bremridge, commissioning into The Royal Anglian Regiment

The Queen’s Medal is presented to the officer cadet who has achieved the highest military, academic and practical scores of the intake.

For Commissioning Course 192 it was awared to Junior Under Officer Oliver Bremridge, commissioning into The Royal Anglian Regiment.

Officer Cadet Bremrigde, now 2nd Lieutenant, was educated at Kenilworth School and Kings College London before arriving at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst.  From a non-military family, his father Nicholas is an Estimator, whilst his mother Clare is a secretary.

Whilst at university, 2nd Lieutenant Bremridge was a member of the University Officer Training Corps, during which he undertook an Adventurous Training expedition, sailing around Denmark.

Well-travelled outside of the military, he has also cycled 1000 miles around New Zealand and has driven from Botswana to Zimbabwe.  In order to learn French, he spent 3 months, living solo in Montpelier.

At a parade on the 2nd April with a format radically changed to reflect the coronavirus restrictions, 158 officer cadets from the United Kingdom and 21 officer cadets from overseas countries marked the end of a year’s intensive training.

The Commissioning Parade – renamed from the Sovereign’s Parade as there was no representative of Her Majesty The Queen in attendance saw close drill in No.1 uniform swapped for the cadets standing two metres apart and dressed in combats.

In an eerie atmosphere the officer cadets conducted their parade in immaculate fashion before the empty grand stands. Ordinarily they would have been filled with proudest of parents and loved ones, but today it was before a mere handful of the Royal Military Academy’s staff.

In time honoured tradition, the parade concluded with the commissioning officer cadets marching off the parade square, up the steps and through the grand entrance to Old College – but they were not followed by the Academy Adjutant riding a horse.

While families were unable to attend, the event was filmed by an Army news team to enable them to watch it later.

Other award winners were:

  • Sword of Honour (considered by the Commandant to be the best cadet of the intake) – Senior Under Officer Elizabeth Godwin commissioning into The Household Cavalry Regiment.
  • International Sword (considered by the Commandant to be the best international cadet of the intake) – Officer Cadet Abdul Alim Fayeq from Afghanistan.
  • International Award (for the international cadet with the best overall results in military, academic and practical studies) – Officer Cadet Anton Sovenko from Ukraine.

The cadets of Commissioning Course 192 are the first cohort of officers to commission while wearing battledress since the Second World War. The parade has only been changed twice before – a cancellation in February 1952 due to the death of King George VI and it was moved indoors in December 1981 due to heavy snow.