We value your previous service, and if you’re thinking of coming back, there’s a job waiting for you. If you have served in the Regular Army, you can return to full-time service even if you left under the Armed Forces Redundancy Scheme.

If you miss the camaraderie, sense of duty and financial stability that an Army career provides, find out about rejoining as a regular soldier or officer.

We would love to hear from you. You can apply direct via the Army website or please contact us directly to discuss the options.

Email: 3ANG-RECRUITING@mod.gov.uk 
Phone: 01284 718 468


A ‘Fast Track’ candidate is a trained soldier or officer who:

  1. Left the Regular Army within the last 36 months.
  2. On leaving had a medical grade of Medically Fully Deployable or Medically Limited Deployable.
  3. Is returning to the same Main Trade for Pay and capbadge in the Regular Army.
  4. Had no less than 24 months remaining on their previous engagement or commission.
  5. Has no significant injury or illness as a veteran that would impact their medical grading on rejoining the Army.
  6. Has no unspent convictions.

Fast Track applications may be processed within four weeks.

This process does not cover Reserve to Regular transfers or personnel from other Services. Untrained candidates will need to follow the standard entry process for new applicants.

All non-fast track candidates will follow the standard rejoiner process.