The 1st Battalion Celebrate Minden Day Early

The 1st Battalion celebrated Minden Day slightly early this you, but with the usual festivities (albeit with a Cypriot twist!). The day was held on Saturday 16th July as parts of the Battalion needed to get away on summer leave early due to upcoming operational commitments across Cyprus and in Bahrain.

The day began in the usual fashion with troops being roused by officers, warrant officers and SNCOs dishing out gunfire, accompanied by the Corps of Drums.  After this, the Battalion headed to the beach for some morning yoga before breakfast.  The Battalion then paraded in front of their families and those who had been awarded it were presented with their Queen’s Platinum Jubilee medals.  The inspecting officer was former Commanding Officer Brigadier Guy Foden, Commander 7th Light Mechanised Brigade Combat Team.

Following the parade all ranks spectated the inaugural Minden Day raft race. B (Suffolk) Coy were crowned champions after managing to overhaul the A (Norfolk) Company raft which was fastest into the water.  An all ranks day ensued with beach volleyball and tug of war being contested by the companies.  The celebrations continued into the night with a beach party.

The Vikings are now back in work after a welcome spell of summer leave. Soldiers have deployed to Bahrain and more are en route to Jordan and Saudi Arabia…more on these deployments in future Reports


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