1st Battalion Take to the Jungle

A Company from the 1st Battalion, The Royal Anglian Regiment have had a period of leave before deploying to Bahrain on Operation KIPION and force protection tasks in Cyprus.

As we write, B Company are in their first few days in Belize, as part of Exercise MAYAN VIKING. This brilliant exercise, designed by B Company, will see the Company spend nearly six weeks in the jungle, testing their skills and soldiering in the harshest environments.

C Company have had a busy recent period. As well as a Platoon preparing to join B Company in the jungle, the remainder of the Company were deployed in Cyprus to support the evacuation of Entitled Personnel from Sudan.  The Company ran the Temporary Safe Location in Larnaca Airport for two weeks, helping to evacuate over 2,000 people from Sudan and ensure their safe onward travel.

D Company not only have they continued with their demanding force protection schedule, they have also ran an Anti-Tank Cadre, Machine Gun Cadre and a number of other training events.


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