Support to East Suffolk Flood Defences

The 3rd Battalion, No 1 Company with an attachment from No 5 Company including their Officer Commanding, the Suffolk MLO, Major Robinson, conducted a successful joint training event with the Water Management Alliance (WMA) on behalf of the East Suffolk Council.

After an initial brief to explain the tasking process to the commanders and why the defences are sited where there are the troops deployed to the quayside to conduct a practical session, which concluded with an assessment.  The end result was positive, with the water specialist staff confident of the Steelbacks’ ability to work with limited supervision, which has the potential to change their current TTPs, to allow them to divert their limited manpower elsewhere should the situation require it.

The Steelbacks who attended, after a short introduction and demonstration from the civilian agencies proved their ability to apply military teamwork to a new task under the supervision of their JNCOs.

Whilst the Command Team could relate the estimate process and G4 demands and constraints to decision points lead by specific information or events employed by the WMA and Council mirrored the process required in executing military operations.

There was lots of passing interest from the general public, who were rightly proud that the soldiers who were from their locality and had found the time to assist and extremely happy to learn it was a training exercise and not the sign of an impending Tsunami.

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