Stolen medals 32 years ago returned to veteran

Recently RHQ received a parcel containing a General Service Medal (GSM) along with a note from a Mr S Clarke saying that he had seen the enclosed medal at a car boot sale. Mr Clarke had purchased it, and asked RHQ to return the medal to its owner. Unfortunately Mr Clarke did not include any contact details so that we could thank him properly for his kind and generous act.

Captain Pete Hudson, the Regimental Area Secretary for the 1st Battalion area recognised the name of Paul Howlett, a former Drum Major with the 1st Battalion.  Paul had his medals stolen 32 years ago whilst performing with the 1st Battalion’s Band and Drums at the Royal Norfolk Show. He was very happy to come to RHQ to retrieve his long lost medal.

Paul also brought along his son Harrison, who is currently serving with the 1st Battalion’s C Company in Cyprus.  It was great to catch up with Paul, and to meet his son who is maintaining the family connection with the Vikings.