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Remembering 2nd Lieutenant Lindsay (Lin) Dobbie – 50 Years On

2nd Lieutenant Lin Dobbie was a RAOC officer who was attached to C Company, The Poachers, for their 1973 tour of the Creggan Estate in Londonderry, as the Company Operations Officer.

On the 3rd October 1973 Lin was on duty in the C Company Operations Room in the Bligh’s Lane Army Base with Capt Ray Hazan the Coy 2ic. A parcel was brought into the operations room by a soldier escorting a senior officer who was visiting the base. It had been handed to the soldier by a civilian worker on the base. The parcel exploded killing Lin and seriously wounding Ray.

On the 3rd October 2023, on the 50th anniversary of his murder, four of Lin’s former comrades from The Poachers, travelled to the Aldershot Military Cemetery to lay a wreath and remember him. Whilst there, and on behalf of Brigadier Alan Deed, they also laid wreaths on the grave of 2Lt Mike Shipley, who was killed in action in 1975 whilst serving with the Sultan’s Armed Forces in Oman; and also on the grave of Major George Shipley, Mike’s Father, both of whose graves are close to that of Lin’s.

We Will Remember Them.


Photo: From left to right: Poachers Alf Todd, Tom Wesley, Kevin Hodgson and Dick Michael

Remembering 2Lt Lindsay (Lin) Dobbie – 50 Years On
Remembering 2Lt Lindsay (Lin) Dobbie – 50 Years On

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