Regimental Memorial Boxing Night - 7th December 2023

This year is one of the most significant in the Regiment’s evolution since the amalgamation of the Pompadours in 1992.

  • The First Battalion will change in re-role as a Security Force Assistance Battalion.
  • The co-location of the Regiment’s two Regular Battalions

Recognising the importance of the moment, the Regiment is planning a series of events to mark this historic occasion. With a proud regimental boxing heritage, we would like to invite you to join us at a Memorial Boxing Night on the evening on the 7th of December. The Royal Anglian Regiment boxing team will take on ‘all comers’ in memory of our eighty-two fallen comrades.

  • Standard tickets (£125.00) includes pre-match drinks and seat to watch the boxing. After the boxing, guests will be hosted in the Warrant Officers’ and Sergeants’ Mess/
  • Sponsorship. Whilst the headline sponsorship fo the vent has already been secured, each of the ten bouts can be sponsored.

Requests for tickets should be sent to the Regimental Administration Warrant Officer


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