Regimental Day - 4th September - details


All members of our Regimental family are welcome to attend their Regimental Day which will take place at The Imperial War Museum, Duxford, CB22 4QR, on 4th September 2022. It’s hoped that the Governments Road Map will continue and allow the event and that there are no further restrictions.

Music for the day is kindly provided by the Band of the Royal Anglian Regiment and the Corps of Drums of the Essex and Cambridgeshire ACF. The outline timings are:

• 09:30 hrs Gates Open. (regrettably no dogs allowed).
• 11:00 hrs Muster for Drumhead Service, please be seated by 11:15 hours.
• 11:20 hrs Standards March On.
• 11:30 hrs Drumhead Service at the Regimental Memorial.
• 12:00 hrs Bars and Stalls open, picnic tables will be available.
• 13:00 hrs Music by the Regimental Band in the picnic area.
• 15:30 hrs Flag Lowering Ceremony in the Marquee Area.
• 16:00 hrs Bars and Stalls close.
At the Flag Lowering ceremony in the Marquee Area all are asked stand.

The Royal Anglian Benevolent Fund

There is no charge for your entry to the Regimental Day, which is funded by the Royal Anglian Benevolent Fund. It is estimated to cost £10 per person to put on this prestigious event. There will be an opportunity for the Regimental family to donate generously at various points throughout the site towards the Royal Anglian Benevolent Fund. All donations would be gratefully received.

It is politely requested that no other collections take place.
The Royal Anglian Regiment Benevolent Fund exists to provide financial assistance to past and present members of our Regiment and its forebear Regiments, their spouses and dependents, when they find themselves in need, hardship or distress. If you find yourself in this situation get assistance for a RBL of SSAFA Caseworker who will pass the information to the Benevolence Committee in confidence.

COVID19 Protocols

Please do not attend if you are showing any of the signs of COViD.

Those with access to Lateral Flow Tests are to complete one prior to attending. Precautions in line with the current government guidelines at the time will be applied

The Royal Anglian Regiment Association

All veterans are automatically members of the Royal Anglian Regimental Association and entitled to Benevolence. It hoped that most would become a subscribing member.

When joining you will receive a membership card, the Castle magazine annually, Regimental Bulletins by email (if required) and access to the Regimental Event.

The cost is annually £25 for officers and £20 be ORs, a part of which goes to benevolence. Paperwork is available from the RHQ tent.