Past and Present Ball 2023 - 1st Battalion

The Past and Present Ball was held on the 10 June 23 at Ashlar House, Bury St Edmunds.  A total of 155 guests attended, comprising serving members, veterans and their partners.  We were privileged to have  Brigadier Dom Biddick MBE MC in attendance, who delivered an outstanding after-dinner speech.

This event was the first to be held in the new location, with the invitation being broadened in order to invite all ranks.  This attracted many new attendees, some of whom would not have had the opportunity to enjoy a mess dinner-style event whilst serving, but whom undoubtedly benefitted from the interaction with our more experienced veterans.

Dinner was accompanied by an excellent String Quartet from the 3 Royal Band.  Then followed the speeches and the much anticipated raffle, which raised £1200 to go towards the next Ball, a vital helping hand in order to keep the costs to a minimum in these lean times.  A welcome addition to the event was the disco, which was enjoyed by many and provided a great opportunity for our ladies to get together with the inevitable rendition of “We are the Champions”!

The Chairman, Granny would like to extend his thanks to all involved in the planning and all who attended and made it such a memorable occasion.  Having received many thank you emails from guests informing him that they are bringing more veteran friends next year, he is already planning for the 2024 Past and Present Ball which will take place on Saturday 15 June 24.


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