Our Band return to making music

It is great news to see the Band at their Annual Deployment Exercise this week and their Commanding officer Lieutenant Colonel Adam Wolfe MBE too time to visit the band.

The band are in good form and should be recognised for the way in which they have been able to re-set as a strong band, playing excellent music, after such a challenging time.

4th June 2021 | Band

The awesome teamwork required to keep this musical capability going over the last year is a credit to the musicians and the band management. They are now taking the opportunity to return to training in a safe and compliant approach.

There is a truly diverse nature within the musicians of the Band, coming together to make music from such a wide-ranging background all absolutely dependent on each other’s contribution.

The wider value to society, Defence, and the Army through their work is highly important and the Regiment will continue to support them going forward.

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