Operation Family - The Royal Anglian Regiment Museum

The Museum plans to re-open

It has now been confirmed that IWM Duxford can reopen on 12 April, but only as an outside venue and at a reduced price. We are hoping to use this opportunity to engage with the public as much as possible and have talks or tables outside to show our collections.

This has just been decided so please bear with us, but we ideally will have staff and volunteers outside on the weekends. Watch for a Regimental bulletin for updates to the specific details.

Operation Family

We created a project called ‘Operation Family’ which will allow us to share the stories of our soldiers and their families. This has been run through our social media pages, where we put out calls for stories, photos and anything else our community wants to share, relating to their experiences of having loved ones in the Regiment.

The objective is to create a temporary display of these stories in the museum to show the importance of family to our Regiment. We hope to collect a variety of experiences from anyone with children, partners, parents or siblings serving, and from anyone who wants to share their story about being in the Royal Anglian family.

This project is an opportunity to get stories into the museum that haven’t yet been told, so we welcome anyone who wants to get involved to contact us on Facebook or Twitter. You can also follow the posts on our social media pages using the hashtag #OperationFamily.

Museum Reserve Collection

Our collections that aren’t on display are needing to be moved and we have hopefully secured a place on-site for these. This would mean greater access to the collection for both the staff and museum visits. It is a hard time to be moving the collection, but it will allow for more to be done with them in the future as at the moment they are housed over an hour from the Museum.

We are starting to look forward to what is hopefully an exciting year with a new site for the collection, as well as opening the Museum after a long lockdown, and proposed visits from both cadets and the Regiment in the summer.

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