Leafyard - Mental fitness for you and your family

Our Regiment is a large, united family, and we should look after one another accordingly. We are therefore delighted to offer Leafyard 100% FREE and on a totally anonymous basis for you, and up to four members of your family.

You can also request a card to gift to a Royal Anglian mate in need of a little extra support.

Backed by science

Science has proven that there are many things we can do to improve our mental fitness: good habits, diet, sleep, exercise, relationships, changing your thought patterns. The problem is, we don’t take action when we feel down. We don’t actually *do* the things that make us feel better.

Take action

In reality, there are people out there, every single day, who are recovering from anxiety, stress and depression. Leafyard shows you the science behind the things they did to feel better. If you do the same things, you stand every chance of feeling better too.

How to gain access for free

To request a gift card for you, a member of your family or a fellow Royal Anglian please email RHQ@royalanglianregiment.com because no Royal Anglian should ever feel left behind.


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