Korean War - support to veterans and spouses

Today, we mark the 70th anniversary of the signing of the ceasefire halting the Korean War. It is a day when we remember the role of British Forces and those who lost their lives (over 1,100), and the 2,600 wounded who came home, some with life-changing injuries. Korea remains a forgotten war in British public memory. It is overshadowed by World War Two, and overtaken by subsequent events of the Cold War.

But its significance is not lost on those who experienced and endured the hardships and battles, the friends lost, and the physical and mental scars received – and still lived with.

If you are a veteran of the Korean War, or the spouse or widow of a veteran, you are not forgotten. If you are struggling and in need of support, please call SSAFA’s Forcesline team on 0800 260 6767 or visit the SSAFA web page on the link below.

To date, the Korean War has not officially ended, skirmishes still occur along the 155-mile (248km) border, which is the most heavily militarised frontier in the world. Tensions remain high between North and South Korea.


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