The Poachers’ Athletics team performed excellently at the Inter unit Athletics Championships

At the Inter unit Athletics Championships, the Poachers’ Athletics team performed excellently, achieving two Gold medals and a further four silver; placing fifth overall.

Corporal Myburgh led the team and as the only Infantry team represented at the event, earning three medals himself, the competition was fierce, more so against teams that find themselves with greater capacity to select a team to train at unit level away from a busy work tempo.

The overall performance was a testament to the team and their will to win.

Colour Sergeant Chris Steel and Lance Corporal Majit Mamoani both represented the British Army Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Team at the Inter-Services BJJ championship; earning Gold/ Silver and Silver/ Bronze medals respectively.

The Senior Service took the day, with the tour de force of Royal Marines BJJ and RAF Martial Arts taking the Silver. The Poachers’ BJJ team have become regular medallists over the years and the capacity to develop strength within the squad is growing. Colour Sergeant Steel is one of only eight serving BJJ black belts within the British Army, Colour Sergeant Antoni, currently attached to the 3rd Battalion, is one of the other few; this is a force multiplier for the Regiment and the future of BJJ & submission grappling within the Army.


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