Forces Help to Buy scheme

What is the scheme?

From the 1st of January 2023, The Forces Help to Buy Scheme will become an enduring policy, ensuring its availability to all service personnel now and in the future. The scheme enables service personnel to borrow up to 50% of their salary, up to a maximum of £25,000 interest free towards the purchase of a property.

The aim of this scheme is to address the low rate of home ownership within the armed forces, as well meeting the aims of the Defence Accommodation Strategy in recognising the positive impact owning a home can have during an inherently mobile career.

Who can use the scheme?

All regular personnel who:

  • have completed the pre-requisite length of service
  • are not a reservist or a member of the Military Provost Guard Service
  • have more than six months left to serve at the time they apply
  • meet the right medical categories
  • However, there may be exceptions to these criteria, especially where there are special medical and personal circumstances.

For more information refer to JSP 464, volume 1, part 1, chapter 12 or contact the Joint Personnel Administration Cell:

Defence Business Services
Military Personnel
FHTB Section
Centurion Building,
Grange Road Gosport
Hants PO13 9XA

Telephone external: 0141 224 3600

How much can be borrowed under the scheme?

This scheme allows service personnel to borrow up to 50% of their annual salary, to a maximum of £25,000. This can be used towards a deposit and other costs such as solicitor’s and estate agent’s fees.

How to get it?

Service personnel are to apply for Forces Help to Buy on JPA, through the self-service application for FHTB. Full instructions for completion is online in the JPA Self Service User Guide: Applying for Pre-Approval for FHTB.

In exceptional circumstances only, where the individual has no permanent access to JPA, the JPA Form E035 may be used and forwarded to DBS Military Personnel FHTB Section at least 6 weeks before the expected purchase completion date.

More information on the Government website


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