Force Protection in Eastern Europe

During early April 6 Platoon was notified that it would be deploying in support of SJFHQ and their deployment to Lithuania and Latvia. At short notice 6 Pl spent a week preparing to deploy and a week after being notified it deployed to Lithuania. Once deployed in Lithuania, the platoon spent the first week repairing Nemencine Camp’s outer fence as well as constructing protective fencing using defence stores around the HQ areas.

The task saw 6 Platoon work closely with the Lithuanian army, providing force protection to the entire camp and to SJFHQ. This involved a constant roaming patrol, QRF and multiple picquets to control access to the HQ. Whilst deployed several personnel were able to visit Latvia, SJFHQ’s other deployed location and had the opportunity to spend an evening in Riga.

During the deployment, 6 Platoon represented The Vikings in multiple charity events which included Volleyball, a 2km relay race and a quiz night. The money raised when to the local children’s home not far from Nemencine Camp where the platoon had been deployed to.

All of the platoon had to opportunity to visit Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania where they had the chance to visit the museum of Occupations and Freedom Fights – an old KGB prison, as well as tour the city.

This deployment gave the platoon a great insight into a working operational HQ and the opportunity to build relationships with numerous partner nations involved in the Joint Expeditionary Force.