Fighting the Cost of Living - A Royal Anglian Initiative Successfully Launched

The 2nd Battalion received a grant from the Royal Anglian Regiment RHQ to support families of the regiment during the cost of cost of living crisis.

The money is already making a positive impact and the first event was a family’s Sunday lunch. We held it on Mother’s Day the 19th March 2023.  As the battalion is still deployed it was great seeing so many partners and their children attending the event.  A really important part of this event was to also introduce the wider battalion family to the new battalion restaurant, which is a far cry from a traditional cookhouse.

This is where the discounted children’s meals are going to be served. The first run out of the initiative will happen next week.  We will start slowly, one meal a week to build interest for two weeks. This will allow us to test and adjust, ironing out any problems. The Initiative will be running at full capacity in April 23.

The 50-plus members of the Poacher family that attended were not only very grateful, but you could feel a really nice sense of community. This is something that is important to the current commanding officer but has always been an important part of the 2nd Battalion (The Poachers) ethos. Once the Vikings land in Kendrew Barracks the new restaurant could really become the hub of the Royal Anglian community, allowing the families from both battalions to come together.

Once the second initiative gets up and running, the Poachers shopping delivery service. I will send updates on the progress. Just for information, as we are going to start slowly allowing us to apply due diligence to all the applications, and also allowing ourselves time to iron out any issues.


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