Fight to Win - An Army Reserve TF HANNIBAL BG

Earlier this year, Army Reserve (AR) units delivered a TF Hannibal Battlegroup to go head to head with 2000 of their Regular counterparts on Exercise Wessex Storm 1/20 on Salisbury Plain in Wiltshire.

The force was 400 strong with reserves from Portsmouth to Grimsby deploying alongside regular soldiers from the Vikings and Household Cavalry to add specialist weapons and armoured recce capabilities. 3 R ANGLIAN, The Steelbacks, took the lead, supported excellently with rifle companies from 3 and 4 PWRR.

12th March 2020 | Exercises

All of this was to represent the Limarian Armed Forces, insurgents and terrorists doing whatever they could to disrupt NATO (formed by The Second Battaltion The Royal Anglian Regiment, The Queen’s Dragoon Guards and 6 Regiment Royal Logistic Corps in Atropia.

12th March 2020 | Exercises

The Exercise was tough: (actual) storms and snow combined with testing new ways and means of achieving more to raise the stakes of the event.

Despite all of the resultant frictions, it was a great success. The AR contribution was remarkable and proved an excellent experience for the Battlegroup. The exercise challenged the Battlegroup, Company Group, Platoon and Section leadership in tough conditions, afforded great opportunities to experiment and a rare chance for the AR to train at this level within a Brigade context.