2nd Battalion - Exercise Khanjar Oman

Members of the Headquarters and the Quartermasters’ Department 2nd Battalion The Royal Anglian Regiment, made a 6000km journey to Muscat in Oman. The journey through the desert to Duqm showed how varied and expansive the terrain can be. From aggressive mountains to open plains, sand dunes to oases. The environment here is harsh and will provide another excellent opportunity for the Battalion to stretch its potential on an expansive training estate.

The training area in Oman, 50km from the nearest inhabited area, is near perfect to operate in as Light Mechanised Infantry, the large desert expanses are prime territory for the Support Weapon Platoons. The deep wadis and undulating terrain provide the complex terrain for dismounted tactical activities and the hostile environment sets the scene to increase our abilities to administrate in the field with the increased sustainment provided by the platforms.

It won’t be all work in Oman though, opportunities for adventure training and sports are excellent and will provide all members of the Battalion Battle Group to test themselves in the Desert.


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