Exercise Steelback Dagger with the 3rd Battalion

With the 3rd Battalion, The Royal Anglian Regiment preparing for its annual training exercise the Bn deployed to STANTA to blow out to cobwebs and practice platoon level skills.

With a late evening arrival, there was time for battle prep and a quick heads down before the first platoon stepped off on the Platoon advanced to contact lane. With the sun barely up the lead section was contacted and everyone broke into their processes, commanders issuing orders, and soldiers cutting around the battlefield.

With the first serial complete there was time for a hot debrief before the platoon was stepping off for the next serial, as the next platoon began their advance. With the distance complete and temperature rising all platoons had made it to their RV point and the harbour was being set up in preparation for further deliberate operations.

At 0100hrs the first of the platoon set out to secure the FUP for the Company assault on Eastmere. The shift from rural operations to OIBUA required plenty of rehearsals, and section commanders had spent the evening practicing their sections ready for the assault, and were all eager for the attack to begin. Just before H hour the GPMG’s opened up allowing the initial assault platoon to break in, and so it began.

Here it became a junior commanders battle and the months of the RSMs training and Company exercises to develop these individuals paid dividends. The rooms and buildings were cleared methodically and systematically with information passing up and down, and before 2 hours where up the area was clear and the Company was “re-orging” on the position and preparing for further tasks.

It was a tough and challenging exercise which was greatly enjoyed by all, a chance to get back to infantry skills and drills and morale was very high throughout. With the look forward to ADX building on this the Battalion is in high spirits.