Exercise AGGRESSIVE POACHER - 2nd Battalion in Wales

The Battalion has returned from a few weeks of well-earned leave and sees the completed handover from Lieutenant Colonel Will Meddings to Lieutenant Colonel Ben Hawes.

Alongside other commitments such as supporting the Operation NEWCOMBE MRX and finalising preparations for Exercise THUNDERBOLT in Norway, The Poachers have deployed on Ex AGGRESSIVE POACHER. An Infantry Field Firing Camp (IFFC) and sees the Battlalion deployed en masse to Castlemartin in Wales; conducting dismounted and mounted ranges, culminating in integrated firing by night. The weather has been excellent in comparison to the Bn’s previous outing in February 2021.

The BHQ Staff have also been developing the grey matter, conducting multiple planning cycles with the support of the Joint Fires Cell from 4 RA and Military Intelligence Analysts from 2 Military Intelligence Battalion under the watchful eye of Command and Staff Training Team based in Warminster.

The weekends have afforded us the opportunity to conduct Adventure Training, sports and other activities, such as mountain biking, coasteering, krav maga, go-karting and golf. Visits from Brigadier Guy Foden, Commander 7 Brigade and Brigadier Ollie Brown, Deputy Colonel of the Regiment have shown the Battalion’s strong and continued efforts as we look towards Exercise WESSEX STORM in September and more widely as the LMI Battalion held at readiness to respond across the globe.