Ex-Royal Anglians Wanted For 2 Years in Cyprus

What a great opportunity!

  • We are looking for Ex-Royal Anglian Regiment soldiers to rejoin us for 2 years.
  • FTRS in Cyprus, Sep 2021 – Sep 2023 (Ptes, LCpls & Cpls)
  • No further commitment beyond 2 yrs, but options to apply to rejoin
  • Applications open to all former Royal Anglians
  • Equal pay, privileges and entitlements
  • Single Ptes in Cyprus are paid £1989.31 per month (after deductions); married Ptes with 1 child £2644.23 (after deductions)
  • A 3-week refresher course at the Infantry Training Centre in Catterick
  • Operational opportunities, sport and adventurous training

Live the overseas life!

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