D-day veteran celebrates 100th birthday with golf tournament in his honour

A D-Day veteran from Rochdale, Ken Wright, A Suffolk Regiment Veteran, has celebrated his 100th birthday with a golf tournament in his honour.

Ken Wright was chauffeured in a World War 2 jeep to the first hole at the Castle Hawk golf club, where he teed off the eponymous Ken Wright Centenary Cup.

A Warrant Officer from the Royal Anglian Regiment was there to greet him, as well as piper escorts and standard bearers from the British Legion.

Speaking about teeing off, Ken said: “It feels just like when I was 98. Only it didn’t go as far…or on the green.”

As a young man in 1944, Private Ken Wright, was among the allied forces storming the Normandy beaches on D Day. He still has vivid memories of the landings.

“I remember everything – machine gun posts, I think there were three or four anti-tank guns, minefields, barbed wire.”

See the full story and a video


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