Close quarter marksmanship ahead of the Cyprus Operation Shooting Competition

The 1st Battalion shooting team has had an excellent season culminating in competing in the Army Operational Shooting Competition (AOSC 22). Made up of 7 soldiers and 1 officer predominantly from D (Cambridgeshire) Company.
Prior to the season the team had varying levels of experience, some members have competed in Army shooting competitions before whereas for others this was a new venture. The team began the season training in preparation for the Cyprus Operational Shooting Competition (COSC). Once the team was happy with our points of aim at the various distances we then began training for the specific operational shoots, this included snap shooting at up to 600m and physically arduous shoots to replicate shooting conditions found on operations.
The team competed in the COSC, against 9 other teams on the island. The 2-day event culminated with a falling plate competition. The 1st Battalion beat off, all other challengers, to comfortably win the Overall Competition and narrowly missed out on the falling plate coming 2nd in the final.
Winning the COSC was a great achievement, the team came 1stst or 2nd overall on every shoot. This victory earned the Shooting Team the opportunity to represent British Forces Cyprus at Bisley in the Army Operational Shooting Competition (AOSC 22).
The Army Operational Shooting Competition is a 3-day event held at Bisley ranges in Pirbright. It has been decades since the Battalion had last competed at the AOSC and the team was excited to have the opportunity.
The event saw 35 teams take part from across the Army. There was a real difference in experience; some teams have competed in the AOSC every year since its inception.. Extremely high standards were set by the Royal Gurkha Rifles but the 1 R ANGLIAN team shot well during the competition. Ultimately the 1 R ANGLIAN team came 13th out of possible 35.
Sadly, the team just missed out on finishing in the Army 100, which is the top 100 shots in the army. Corporal Westerman, and Lance Corporal Fixe from the Anti-Tank Platoon finished 112th and 119threspectively. Overall, the experience for all those that took part was extremely enjoyable and will be fondly remembered.

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