Lieutenant Colonel Martin Melia Royal Anglian webinar on Ukraine on 26 April 2021

On April 26, 1400hrs, the Centre for Historical Analysis and Conflict (CHACR) will launch a new study authored by David Patrikarakos (Writer of War in 144 Characters) on where things are in Ukraine and key lessons we need to learn from the Russian annexation of Ukrainian territories.

The webinar will include preliminary remarks by David on his experiences reporting from the conflict, drawing attention to aspects of the Ukraine case that marked it as the start of 21st century conflicts.

His presentation will be followed by reflections on the findings of David’s paper by Lieutenant Colonel Martin Melia Royal ANGLIAN.

He has spent time deployed in Ukraine and Kosovo (and other Theatres), and has witnessed the effects of Russian sub-threshold activity and their use of digital communications technology and information operations, first hand. He is a CGS Fellow, having recently completed a MA in International Conflict Studies with the War Studies Department of King’s College London. His dissertation focussed on how Defence and Security Sector Reform activity in Ukraine helps to build state resilience to sub-threshold threats. We will then have a Q&A session with attendees.