News | 13 June 2024

Captain Jake Peel Joins RHQ Team as Regimental Adjutant

Captain Jake Peel has now taken over as the new Regimental Adjutant, taking over the role from Paul Phillips. Jake commissioned in April 2022 and joined the 2nd Battalion in August that year. Prior to taking over Regimental Adjutant, Jake was one of the Platoon Commanders of B ‘Leicestershire’ Company, acting as OC 5 Platoon.

During his time as a Platoon Commander, he deployed with the Poachers Battle Group on Exercise WESSEX STORM and Exercise KHANJAR OMAN; and more recently was involved with B ‘Leicestershire’ Company in their deployment to Germany as part of Exercise ARRCADE LEDGER.

Jake has just returned from the NATO deployment to Poland as part of Exercise STEADFAST DEFENDER 24. Jake grew up in South Lincolnshire and enjoys playing cricket in his spare time.

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