Our thanks to Captain Peter Hudson on his retirement as Director of Music

It is fair to say that Army music, the Queen’s Division, this Regiment, its Battalions and its Band owe a huge debt of gratitude to Captain Peter Hudson who retired on 9th June 2022 after a magnificent 47 years of service, dedicated to them. During his long career with the Regiment he served with the 2nd Battalion, the 1st Battalion, The Band of the Queen’s Division and latterly the 3rd Battalion.

Peter enlisted into the Royal Anglian Regiment on the 17th July 1975, and after initial training was posted to the 2nd Battalion. His first major step in his professional training was the Performance Course at School of Military Music at Kneller, which was followed by an instructor’s post at the Queen’s Division School of Music.

He assisted in the formation of a new Army Junior School of Music and enjoyed two years there, after which he was posted to the 1st Battalion.  In 1994, after the disbandment of the Regimental Bands, he assisted with the formation of, and then and served with The Minden Band of The Queen’s Division.

Finally, in 1997, he was appointed to the Band of the Royal Anglian Regiment and has been with the band for some 25 years, performing in many arenas both at home and abroad. Peter’s last performance with his Band was our Spring Band Concert at Saint Mary’s Church in Bury St Edmunds on 14th May 2022.

Peter is widely admired in the Regiment. Our Battalions and those of our forebear Regiments were lucky to be supported by their own integral Regular bands for a period of about three hundred years, but since 1994, the Regiment has very much relied its Reserve band to provide the military musical support essential for key Regimental events like our Regimental Day and our Remembrance Sunday Service at our Regimental Memorial. The Band has also supported numerous events every year in our Battalions and in our Counties. As the Director of Music and before that as the Bandmaster, Peter led our Band, balancing the needs of: individual musicians, equipment, rehearsals, programmes and performances with great care.  And on almost every occasion Peter was at the front of his band. It was fitting that Peter’s final performance was a Band Concert, because Peter was particularly good at bringing the theme of any concert together as he introduced each piece with wit and style.

Although Peter has completed his military service, he is still working for us as the Regimental Area Secretary (County Engagement and Veteran Support) for the 1st Battalion’s Counties, but will now have more free weekends to spend with Carol and their family – we wish them well.

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